Our Story


Message from the Directors

Mahesh Halkeri & Spenser McRae


It all started when…

When a loved one is diagnosed you feel helpless and want to do everything in your power to contribute in some way (or many). In our case, the need to contribute started because of Spenser’s mother, Susan. For years, she endured a difficult struggle with breast and ovarian cancer, and on July 1st of last year we lost her.

The idea behind Staged has been a dream for many years, and after the loss of Susan it seemed more pertinent than ever to turn this dream into a reality. This event is for her. It’s for our family. It’s for every other person who has been affected by cancer- those who have survived, those who are being treated and fighting now, those who we have lost, and those who give their unwavering love and support during one of the most trying times one can undergo.

This disease is universal, relentless, and has no remorse for the destruction it causes. It has no plans of giving up and neither should we. It is up to us, as a community, to remain hopeful and diligent in the search for a cure, and if this event can cater to that mission, even in the smallest way, we will know that the cause has been worthwhile.